A typical presentation

System : Cardiopulmonary Imaging
Modality : Conventional Radiography, CT
System : Cardiopulmonary Imaging


Patient History
On and off chronic cough with chest pain
Patient Age: 57
Patient Gender: Male
Patient Age: 57
Patient Gender: Male
Conventional Radiography, CT
Mediastinal lymph nodes groups are seen. Bilateral mildly asymmetric hilar lymphadenopathy is also present, the largest measuring 2.6 cm in the right hilar region. Subcentimeter supraclavicular and internal mammary lymph nodes are seen. No enlarged axillary lymph nodes are present. The visualized lymph nodes are homogeneous in attenuation and show no obvious necrosis. A few small patchy consolidations involve the subpleural right upper and left lower lobes, likely constituted of a confluence of a tiny nodules. In addition, a few bilateral subpleural, left-sided fissural and left lower lobe septal nodular-like opacities are present. There are no discrete masses, cavitations or features of fibrosis.
Case Discussion
Given the provided clinical information, the described features are consistent with intrathoracic non-necrotic lymphadenopathy and lung parenchymal non-fibrotic sarcoidosis.
Questions For Case
  • Q:What is your next step for diagnosis
    A.Endoscopic sampling from the amenable mediastinal and bilateral hilar lymph nodes.
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