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System : Cardiopulmonary Imaging
Modality : CT
System : Cardiopulmonary Imaging


Patient History
55 year old female present with a short history (i.e. less than ~2 months) of breathlessness, non-productive cough, weight loss, malaise and fever. There is no association with smoking.
Patient Age: 55
Patient Gender: Female
Patient Age: 55
Patient Gender: Female
Bilateral scattered mainly peripheral ground glass opacity and consolidations are seen involving both lungs lobes , associated with diffuse centeilobular nodules
Case Discussion
In addition to the alveolar inflammatory changes found with regular pneumonia, there is also the involvement of the bronchioles. Histologically, it is characterised by mild chronic patchy interstitial inflammation without fibrosis and the presence of buds of granulation tissue made of mononuclear cells, foamy macrophages, and fibrous tissue (Masson bodies) in the distal airspaces which may cause secondary bronchiolar occlusion due to extension of the inflammatory process. Hence, the reason for being previously termed bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia (BOOP).
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