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Breast MRI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, isa painless way to look inside the body andprovide your doctor with specific informationabout certain areas of your body. MRI utilizesa combination of a magnetic field, radio waves,and computer processing to derive images.In certain cases, BREAST MRI can provideadditional information about your breast structurewhich may not be visible with mammography orultrasound and may not be felt during a clinicalbreast exam.
Mammography is specialized medical imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts.A mammography exam, called a mammogram, aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women.
Breast Biopsy
Breast biopsy, an invasive examination, which is taking a sample of breast tissue for testing closely under microscope. Often, biopsy is taken when previous tests indicate the possible existence of a problem in the breast (eg : breast lump discovered during the manual examination or (Mammography) without the possibility to reach an accurate diagnosis by non-invasive methods.
Breast Ultrasound
A breast ultrasound is an imaging technique commonly used to screen for tumors and other breast abnormalities. The ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the breasts. Unlike X-rays and CT scans,ultrasounds don’t use radiation and are considered safe for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.
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